Fashion Sherayde?

I am in desperate need for a Blog name change "Sweet Reality" is too generic. I need something that relates to the fashion direction my blog is taking, but also something that is clever. I already got the great suggestion "Fashion Sherayde" from Jenita, but I would like to get quite a few more options before I make a decision, because it will be the name I keep forever. Please don't hesitate to post your idea.

Also In blog news I have joined BlogLovin to hopefully increase the number of people who follow me and to start following new blogs for inspiration. So please if you are a part of BlogLovin or have your own blog, follow me.

It's not only my blog that needs a change, its me. I feel ordinary and desperately want tochange that. I'm wanting to change my hair, but I'm scared to change it drastically. A fringe is definitely in order and I'm really feeling two toned hair.

But please do post any ideas you have about the blog name.
Change is good.


  1. Hmm, well, the suggessted name sounds fine, and I'm not going to try and top it, because I'll likely fail.

    As to your hair, I might be able to offer some suggesstions though.
    Are the examples you've given the specific two-tone you're looking for? I mean, (personal opinion here) the examples above sorta look to me like tips that are too long, and are too different from the original hair colour to have any effect but be shocking, except for the top pic, where the blonde and the pikn seem to mesh, but that may be an effect of the lighting.

    I'm also figuring that you might want to stay clear of blonde?

    Also: have you thought maybe of something like coloured highlights? You might want to look at some pics of a mutual friend of ours, who had dark brown/black hair with a blueberry purple in it, that looked quite good.

  2. Yeah the first picture was more the hair I feel in love with. Although I'll definitely be having a good think before I do anything. Thanks for the advice. :)

  3. Yeah, definitely stick away from blond. I honestly don't think it'd suit you, and I have a deep-rooted fear of the golden-haired females due to certain traumatic events in my past.


    Callum's advice is good, too. As for the name.. I'm thinking perhaps "Sheray's Bizarre Bazaar" or "The Laughing Danger of Sheray White, Rogue Fashionest and Dilettante Extroadinaire", or possibly, "Fajone".

  4. whatever name you choose i know it will be amazing!

    i think you are perfect the way you are. between us you are the not the one who blends in you stand out!!!



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