Faux It!

As the Winter is getting closer I find myself drawn closer to fur this year. I used to hate the look but it's really growing on me. I know it is quite a controversial topic and personally I would try to stick to faux fur, but I was wondering, what's your opinion?



  1. Personal opinion says to me that if you're doing fur, do it properly and have real fur. I know that you're iffy on it, but if you hand make stuff (or self modify...go sewing skills) you can make a great fur jacket/coat/anything at a fraction of the cost

    besides, real fur is nicer than faux

    So far as I know, a pelt might set you back $30 (?) and this goes up and down depending on quality, who (and where) you buy, and whether you can buy in bulk.

    The only thing I can give a semi reliable quote on is mink fur, $10 for a pelt, about 20cm long, and nice quality. and as you'd expect, cleaned and everything.

    As to style... well, what in particular were you thinking? Trims, or a whole jacket (or something else?)

  2. Oh god! I'm no way near up to scratch on my sewing for that lol. I have to do a lot of practice on other projects first. I want to do simple skirts, pants and jackets before anything else. :)

  3. If you can't decide between real fur and faux fur, why not go halfway and go with FOX fur? :D


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