It's A Lime Crime!

Purple, blue and orange Oh My!
I simply must own Lime Crimes full lipstick collection, I am obsessed with bright lipstick at the moment and Lime Crime is certainly the lipstick for me.

My boyfriend told me he would buy them for me for Valentines Day, I can't wait! Audrey Kitching loves the colours too, that's how I found out about them. She looks stunning in the blue.

In other news I finally got a pair of hot pink docs! They are amazing, I haven't been able to take them off my feet. I went down to Box Hill to get them with Elissa on Monday. It was kind of a celebration of me coming back from Queensland. She ended up getting a black pair and I got the fabulous pink.

Oh by the way Queensland was fantastic. When we first arrived it was humid as all hell but it soon settled down. Where we stayed was only about a 10 minute drive away from Brisbane so Nat and I went into the city quite a bit. While I was there I managed to pick up a Sportsgirl dress I had been longing for down here but could never find in my size. Also while I was away I brought a ton of magazines including: Rolling Stone, Madison, Nylon, Company, Vouge and my personal favorite Cosmopolitan. I even scoured a very good second-hand book store for old cosmo issues I missed. Addicted? I think so.

While away we went to the theme parks...

Nat got bashed by batman

And we acted as Shaggy and Scooby Doo

Overall the trip was great, it was good to have some time away from the normal routine.
At the moment I am watching Californication. It's fantastic, such a great show and I get my David Duchovney fix.

Also exciting news the Sex and the City 2 movie trailer is out. I really can't wait, I love Sex and the City and I have watched the tv episodes many times over. You can watch the trailer here.

Enjoy! But for now
Love and Lime Lips


  1. I love love love the pink docs! And the qld pics are awesome. Miss you -Noorunisa xx

  2. ... Explain Audrey Kitching to me...

    What does she do? Why is hse famous?

    I don't keep up with these things.

    And I mentioned your computer woes to Sean, and he will be happy to fix it for you if you can get it to his place in Abbotsford.

  3. Audrey Kitching is an American alternative model. She's just a real style icon to me.
    She used to be known as "scene" but she's kind of grown away from that.

    And thanks so much for helping me out with the computer... I can take the hardrive up with me if we are staying at his on Saturday, as per usual I'm never 100% on Nats plans, but we will be there. I'm looking forward to seeing you.

  4. *Hugs* Yep, bring it on up for him to look at :)

    Ah, that makes sense. I don't really pay any attention to fashion of pretty much any kind these days as it's not really designed for figures like mine, which explains why I have no clue who she is.

    She's cute though, and brave... and I have to find that lipstick for you. It's red, but the wrong shade for me and way too expensive to just throw out (MAC). I'll dig it up by tomorrow night :)


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