The Christmas/New Year period is now over and I am packing two weeks worth of clothing into my suitcase for a trip to Queensland with my boyfriend and his family. The lack of posts can be blamed on one of two reasons.

1. Christmas and the New Year has been a hectic time and I feel like I haven't had much time to breathe and think let alone sit down and write a blog post.

2. My idiot brother kicked my computer and my hard drive is damaged so my computer won't boot up. (I made him lend me a hardrive for this post)

However that is not the point of my post. Before I go away I would like to look back at 2009 in a list of photos, displaying how the year was for me.

-New Years 08
At Nathaniel's Pakenham abode.

- 2009 raced ahead and brought with it Nathaniels 18th.
We dressed as Mulder and Scully.

-I began Tafe and Box Hill.

-Nat and I had our 4 year anniversary on the 29th of May.

-It was the year best friends were born.

- And a year for inspiration.

-New discoveries were made.

- Love was found.

-Fashion was key.

-And obsessions grew

But overall the year has been pretty good. It has been full of change and I haven''t come out un-scathed but I am slowly learning and becoming a better person as a result. The friendships and bonds I have formed this year will truly last me a lifetime and I am extremely thankful for that.

Love and Fireworks

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