New Style

Just a few bits and pieces I am really loving at the moment...

- Two toned lipstick.
Mixing hot pink and red lipstick together looks killer
and spices up a summer outfit.

- Tied headbands.
I've been inspired by Audrey a lot lately.
I think this look makes a summer outfit a lot more fun.

- Hot pink Doc Martens.
I want some, I want some, I want some, I want some!
They are amazing!

- Black Lace.
Lace can look elegant and sexy at the same time.
I really love Hanna Beth's lace dress.

- Leopard Prints.
I love Hanna's leopard print coat for winter,
but in summer small items of leopard print are great.
Like a tank top or a tote bag.

- Pale pink lipstick.
It looks stunning on Audrey :) and it looks great with florals.

- Bright eyeshadow.
I've been getting into wearing brighter eyeshadow.
I think summer is a great time to wear lots of colour.

Id also like so share some of my favorite photo's with you...

Hanna and Audrey.
Stunning...Need I say more.

The queen of Colour, Confidence and Creativity.

Hanna Beth.
These photos are simply stunning.

Let me know what you think.
Love and Rainbows

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  1. Ahem, if you ask Sean nicely, or get Nat to do so, Sean may take a look at the hard drive for you. It's probably just come loose in the case.


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