Claw King

My boyfriend is the king on claw prize games. Within the past few days he has won me chocolates, a Flanders doll and a hello kitty toy!

First was the chocolates. We were in the Knox Village Cinemas and I went to the toilet. I came out to find Nat had stuffed his pockets full of chocolates. There was at least a dozen in there. He told me he won them from the chocolate machine and had owned it with a king size bar which pushed all the chocolates down for him. I was impressed. As he ripped his own tickets I was in awe.

The next machine to feel Nats attack was yet again at the cinemas. A Simpson's machine was set up and Nat knew he could win something for me. He won me a flanders doll (I mean Flanderezezez as I called it) which was awesome!

Then in the food court the other day at Fountain Gate we came across a huge claw game with Hello Kittys inside. I screamed and said to Nat "If you can get me one of those I will love you forever". After purchasing our lunch we came back with a few two dollar coins. We attempted a few times and came very close but the Hello Kitty kept falling. Then a lady came up to us and gave us another coin and said "I've been watching you, your doing well. Good Luck" that only determined us more. By this time we realized we had quite a gathering of people watching us. Probably because of our dramatics and Nats skill.

However we had run out of money. So I ran to grab my $10 dollar note. We burned through that so Nat went to the ATM and then to McDonalds to get change for his $20 note. Then finally two tries later we got the Hello Kitty when the claw snagged on the ribbon. The machine dragged it over but couldn't drop it, it was stuck. We started to bang against the machine but it wouldn't budge. In the end a man came over and picked the machine up and dropped it back down sending the Hello Kitty down the chute. It was now mine! I thanked the gathering of people and Nathaniel in glee. It was amazing!

So now I am declaring My Boyfriend is the king of claw games!

Love and "Tonza Fun"

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