Okay I haven't had a post in a while mainly because of Tafe and Manifest. (Which was extremely awesome.) It was a huge improvement on previous Manifests so well done Avi!

OMG! Also while on the train during Manifest I saw a girl wearing low cut red sequin chucks. They looked amazing I want the high top version of them. They come in lots of colours but my favorites are red and pink!

Oh and I still desperately want some heart glasses. Why didn't I buy them when I had the chance in equip?
Other than that I have been listening to an amazing George CD which the gorgeous Nathaniel brought me down at a CD recycle place on Brunswick street. I'm obsessed with it. It's an EP called "You can take what's mine".

The first song I listened to was "To The Void" and it blew me away. It's so different to any other George song. The EP is a lot more edgier but still has that signature George feel.

The song "G.S.T" was the next one that I listened to. I wasn't the biggest fan of it first listen mainly because I was so used to Tyrone's sweet toned voice. But the song immediately grew on me after the first listen. It's amazingly quirky and addictive.

As for the rest of the EP I recommend you go find it yourself. It's amazing and well worth the look around. Also if you find some other old George songs please let me know. I'm dying for some more. It's depressing as much as I love the fact that they are all out doing their own material they sounded waaaaay better in George. I need more George! But I guess that's not going to happen. :(

I need a cheer up. I'm gonna post you some of my favorite photography that I have collected recently.

I want those Leggings!^^^

Love and Sequins


  1. there all so gorgous ... and so are you!


  2. I think "GST" is my favourite George song so far. I actually prefer their older, grungier stuff to their newer tracks. I'm not sure why. I think it's reminiscent of a little Faith no More, but I'm probably crazy.

    I should buy you those Chucks.


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