Holy Shit It's David Duchovny!

I was watching Sex and The City the other day when out of nowhere popped sexy Mulder, aka David Duchovny. He played Jeremy, Carrie's high school sweetheart. As any true X-Files fan would react, I almost had a heart attack. I then started yelling at Carrie to not be stupid and to go out with him again because he was "Sexy Mulder".

After his scene was over I immediately called Nat. Being my boyfriend and an X-Files fan too I knew he would go insane too. However he didn't quite react the way I hoped, I just seemed to be the insane one, almost hyperventilating over the phone.

I hung up and fixed my eyes to the screen. Unfortunately "Sexy Mulder" did not last longer than an episode. However If I were Carrie I would've kept him for as long as possible. Despite his "problems".

David Duchovny can be seen in the episode "Boy, Interrupted".



  1. I love when people from excellent TV shows appear in other excellent TV shows :D
    Or things. Like the House theme song was in Daria, that was awesome.
    And Olivia from SVU was in Baywatch [don't laugh, Baywatch is awesome]


  2. Yep :) and David Duchovny was in Zoolander!
    I flipped out. :P

  3. I loved him too in 'The X-files'. Nice to meet another fan. He's still hot, isn't he? Damn, I remember I always wanted him to start sth with Scully :D but that show was never created to be a romantic sci-fi :)


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