A Little Nuts

With Sex and The City on pause and my belly full you have my undivided attention. I've decided I must write a new blog post, and you must comment.

Coming up on Thursday I have a simulated gig with my band for Tafe. It is being assessed and video taped and we have to pick five songs and perform them in a gig atmosphere. Our five chosen songs are Superstition, Papa was a rollin' stone, Ain't no sunshine, Jonny B Goode and Gimme some lovin'. It should be great, but I'm kinda nervous and I really hate seeing myself played back on video.

As for the rest of my shit I have been over-eating way too often and buying a ridiculous amout of clothes even though I can't afford it. I spend all my youth allowence then once I'm broke I chip into my savings everytime I see a bargin I can't go past and can not let wait for a few extra weeks. It's terrible. Although the last bargin I got was great! I got two coats and each of them was twenty bucks. However I need to save.

I'm going on a weekend away with the box hill kids. We're all going up to Lorne to this huge farm and having a Jam and Booze weekend. This is the house: http://www.stayz.com.au/50243
It should be great, and will be good to get to know people that little bit better. Plus it will be great to get away from home.

I kinda went a little nuts the other night. I had a shit day and was feeling pretty moody. I got home and mum cooked roast chicken which we have non-stop and I didn't even feel like I could stomach it, so I didn't. Then afterwards refused to do the dishes because I didn't eat. So of course my parents had to put on the dramatics with the threats and my dad at one stage actually pulling the fuse on the electricity in my room. Looking back it was pretty hilarious.
The next day they were still mad at me and expected me to stay at home while they went out. But I went out to Nats as I has previously planned and slept over, to get away from them. It was great I brought an X-Files book at the market with the money Kay gave me (gotta love her), and I came back happy.

Also on Friday it's Nat and I's four year anniversary. I'm so excited. I've got him two great presents and I really hope he loves them. We're thinking about going to dinner the night of then I'll sleep at his place then we will go out the next day to see a play. I don't know what yet though. Nat is researching it.

As for my current obsessions, they include: Cupcakes, Sushi (Yes Nat converted me), Cosmopolitan Magazine, Wearing Nat's oversized tee's and Sex and The City (still).

That's about all from me now.
Stay sweet

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  1. The share-house looks really great, and I'm glad I've finally converted you to Sushi/.


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