Hot Pink In a Black World.

I've officially made the name change. You are now browsing Fashion Sherayde. However at the moment I feel like a good shop. Winter is coming and I still need tons of clothes. Before I do I'd like to show you some of the things that I love at the moment.

From left to right: Forever New Hot Pink Blazer, The Hills DVD, The City DVD, George Ep, Sex And The City Perfume, Diva Feather Hair piece, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Hot Pink Doc Martens, Hot Pink Retro Style Sunnies.

I figure I will end up looking like this

 Or at least the Box Hill/Frankston equivelent. :)



  1. pink pink pink. mink.

    ive seen that fashion lady on other streetstyle sites. this jacket is a bit intense but she definitely rocks it.

  2. Yeah I just had to post it, she stands out so much. That lady has some guts :P


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