Refurbished Dreams

The new and improved blog is here. It took me hours but it is finally done. The amount of bullshit settings and codes I had to sort through was ridiculous, but I did it! I'd been wanting a new look for quite some time so here it is. I'm hoping this will allocate for larger pictures and better accessibility. Although I'm notloving the new header I created. It's just not the same without real photoshop. Elements is shit. Although everything considered I'm quite proud of myself.

But in other news I my Sportsgirl addiction has kicked in again. Yesterday I brought a top, dress and skirt in their sales on closing day. I was so happy I got in just in time. It always feels great to buy new clothes. Tomorrow I'm going back into the city to see Nat. We're going to the Kimurakan in China Town for Japanese :). It will be a nice time for us to just chill.
Otherwise lately I have been inspired by flowers, patterns, colours, black lipstick and two toned hair. I'm obsessed! As for the florals and colours I am bringing the colour back into winter!


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