Her Bone Structure Screams Touch Her, Touch Her!

Today I didn't get up until about 11oclock. I spent ages getting ready and then realized I was going to run late to meet my boyfriend in the city. Through all the bullshit I managed to make in just on time. The day with him consisted of Coffee, Book shopping, draging him into Sportsgirl and Lunch/Grandma time Tea at the Kimurakan.

However while at Dymocks I found a great book called "I love your style" by Amanda Brooks. It's truly amazing and inspirational. As a fashion lover/obsessee (made up a word there)  I found it hard to put down. It showed me different elements of style and various inspirational fashion icons. Definitely a keeper for the bookshelf (still needing to be brought).

Today I have also felt the great need to start making my own clothing and buying vintage fashion, one thing that I have been finding quite hard. It's so hard to sort through the shit and find real gems. Anyone have some tips on where to shop that is amazing/relatively inexpensive?

Also lately I have been inspired by other fashion blogs. My favorites at the moment are....

I guess I just feel the need to stand out and be something beautiful.

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