It's my mums birthday today and we are going out to my Nans for a birthday tea. I did a crazy mad shop yesterday for her, my dad came up to my room yesterday morning while I was half asleep and told me he didn't have anything yet and asked if I could shop for her. It resulted in me lugging a cutlery and plate set on the bus, trying not to break anything. The bus driver didn't help. Luckily I had Nats help though.

Anyway my point is I wanted to give you a good update on whats been rocking my world recently.

My recent loves:
1. The Hills.
I know it's completely girly, plastic and trashy of me but I love it! I'd seen a few episodes of it but never really chased it up until Elissa lent me her dvds. Now I am in love.
 2. Abbey Lees Hair in Vogue Australia.
Gorgeous! Need I say more? If I wasn't so scared my hair would be like this.
3. Rimmel 60 second nail polish.
Drys so fast and I got 3 for the price of 2.
4. Lauren Conrads Purple/Pink Balenciaga Bag.
If I was rich I would be all over this.
5. Nylon Magazine.
I first picked it up cos Hanna and Audrey read it but I really like it.
6. AFI.
Ever since Soundwave I have been even more obsessed, they are amazing.
7. The new Sex and The City movie.
I can't wait.
8. Miss Bimbo.
I just leveled up and its so much better. I'm past level 18 where I was stuck for over a month.
9. Chain Heart Bags.
I found one I love I'm going back to the shop when I get payed to buy it.
10. Leggings.
As it's getting colder I have been living in all kinds of leggings and my Doc Martens.

That's all I have time for now though. Catch you all later, I'm off now.


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