New Perspective!

Panic! At The Disco are back. That's right "Panic!" with a "!". The band have undergone some very drastic changes that have resulted in the exclamation mark being put back into the band name and two members leaving.

Ryan Ross and Jon Walker have left due to creative differences within the band. Panic! posted on their Myspace the following.
“Ryan Ross and Jon Walker will be leaving Panic at the Disco to embark on a musical excursion of their own. Though the four of us have made music together in the past, we’ve creatively evolved in different directions which has compromised what each of us want to personally achieve,”.

Many fans are upset about the band being split in two. But I believe this is a good path. Hopefully now the band will get back to it's roots and produce some more fantastic music like in their first album "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out".

Panic! Certainly have turned in the right direction. Their newly released song is fantastic proof of it, the song is called "New Perspective" and you can listen to it here.

Besides as many fans agree your either a Brendon or a Ryan girl. And I am definitely a Brendon girl. I will follow him, his music and the exclamation mark all the way.


  1. BRENDON ALL THE WAY!!!! we heart you Brenny :D

    i never trusted Jon, but i did like ryan and i still do, but it is going to take a little while to get use to a new panic! (so good to have the ! back)

    yea sheray we are brendon girls... he is the coolest :D


  2. I can't listen to the song, the website link is dead : (

    Still, I wholeheartedly support the return of everyone's favorite exclamation mark. I always knew they'd come back to the "!". How could they not? Any two-sentence band is pretty much destined to succeed

    I look forward to their new album, whatever it might be. Even Pretty. Odd now impresses me, despite my initial protests as to their change of style and punctuation.

    Thanks for the update Sheray :D


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