I Wanna Hold Your Hand.

Holidays are almost over.
I've spent a lot of my time sleeping the days away. Today consisted of only Sleep, reading Cosmopolitan magazine with Nat and eating Maccas. Then I was on my way home.
As for the rest of my holidays they are pretty much planned. I have Bek's choir concert tomorrow along with seeing Nat, Ruby and Callum in the city. Then Adele's "Chillax" and possibly sleeping over. That only leaves my Monday free. The holidays really have gone fast.

When I get back to my 2hr trip to Box Hill I need to be more dedicated to my work. I need to keep my log book up to date (and not forge it) and I need to keep a diary of everything so I remember it. Also when I get back I should get my results for my assessments. Besides my Music Industry assessment which I got 44 out of 50 for.

Other than that I really want to go to Audrey Kitchings yard sale on the 18th. It would be great. I'd be able to buy something that she has worn and possibly meet her. But it's all the way in America. Anyway, I'm just dreaming again.

I've also been dreaming about owning my own super cool colourful polaroid instant camera. They aren't made anymore but are so cool. Apparently the film is really expensive which is shit. But I'd still love one for the novelty of it. It's such a shame that these awesome cameras have died out.

Recently I brought some iron on transfer paper for making a bag for Elissa and also for doing my own tee-shirts. But of course we are running out of ink in the printer. It doesn't even seem that long ago that we got new ink. It's frustrating. I really want to transfer some of these pictures onto a tee:

Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

The "I want to believe" tee would be great, since Minatour only sells guys sizes. :(

Other fashion issues include my fabulous new sequin heels which I wore to Ricks. They are amazing, but I got them caught in the grass so the tips of the heels are a little dirty, still need to clean them. I'd really love to get a few more sequin things. I admire how Audrey Kitching can pull off sequins and they don't look out of date or trashy. Some people may argue about her style but I believe she has a lot of individuality and guts in the fashion choises she makes. I admire her confidence.

Ah! Mum is completely freaking out about tomorrow. She doesn't want me to take the train at 9.30 at night. So she's driving me home from the city. I have no complaints about that. She's scared that I'll get beaten up or something. She is scared of public transport herself I think. I'm smart, you only get bashed if you get yourself into trouble, its rarer to get into trouble if you stick to yourself. It's insane, I have to grow up sometime, she might aswell let me. What do you think about it?

Give me your oppinion.
Love and Peace


  1. I have a polaroid camera. But no film. Perhaps I will buy some tomorrow?
    I think your mum is slightly paranoid, but I wouldn't be complaining about getting a lift home, cars are so much better then trains - no bogans or people with loud music or stoned people
    I'll see you tomorrow
    -Ruby xx

  2. Hahah yeah definitely not complaining about the lift home.
    Just went through a lot of shit to get the lift home.
    And I completely envy you and your polaroid camera.
    Can't wait to see you.

  3. screw it and lets go to her sale sheray! :D



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