Time to Begin

The first post Is always the hardest. However most of the time I find Blogs annoying and frustrating, and yet I still find the need to create one. First there is the problem with never knowing what to write about, then the hoping everyone will like it. But now I have just decided to say "Fuck It" and create one purely for myself, If people like it then that's a bonus.

Let me now start by introducing myself. My name is Sheray.A.White I am passionate about Singing and I like to think I have a flair for design. I'm addicted to my camera and Photoshop. I have a piczo website which is xo-electric-beauty-xo.piczo.com it has some of my creations and a lot of visitor content. I am in love with the X-Files and am currently about to start season 8. I'm a fan of Audrey Kitching as you may already be able to tell by my header (which was made by me).I love rock music bands such as My Chemical Romance, Paramore, Evanescence, AFI, Hawthorne Heights, Muse and Flyleaf. On the other hand music wise I adore Elixir and believe it is the most beautiful music ever. Katie Noonan is my idol. I love hanging around with friends and am completely in love with Nathaniel.F.Robinson.

In this blog I will post my art and discuss my feelings as if it were a journal. Comments would be greatly appreciated. I will try to post once a day, and if you have any photo's, links or stories feel free to post them as a comment.



  1. I'm yet to receive those photos, but somehow, you have time to launch a blog.

    Congratulations, Sheray... I shall add you to my blogroll.

  2. Yeah, good job, Sheray. Welcome to the blogosphere. Say goodbye to your soul!


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