Ripped Off!

First of all I must say it's been an interesting few days. Days full of X-Files UFO Occultist dreams, Panic! At the Disco and Annoying first Halo matches. Throughout this I haven't been in the best of moods and I've been quick to get grumpy with people. I'm sure Nat found it very annoying. Looking back, I was a bitch at times.

Contrasting my gloomy mood was my brother Jarrod who was excited about getting a new computer. He'd sold his old computer in the hope of saving for an upgraded computer. He'd done his research and contacted a guy by the name of David off the Trading Post. He ended up looking at a computer that was worth $115, It looked like a great deal it was a Dell Optiplex Gx520 with a 2.8 ghz Processor, 1gig of Ram, 40gig Hard drive and a 224mb on board Graphics Card.

View a better quality picture here: http://i201.photobucket.com/albums/aa302/ox-wild-beauty-xo/pc.jpg

He went yesterday to pay for and pick up the computer. David ended up having a garage full of computers that he was selling. He then proceeded to tell both Jarrod and my mother that the computer they came for had no operating system and no drivers installed and that they had to pay an extra $45 for him to install them. They ended up giving in, not wanting to go through the hastle of computer confusion.

Jarrod got it home and installed some of his favorite games such as Halo and Quake 3 which should have easily run on the computer, but every time he tried to run them the computer would restart. We were then told by my boyfriend Nat that it could be a faulty graphics card.

Frustrated Jarrod went back this time with Dad only 24 hours later. They showed David the trouble they were having and he un-installed the graphics drives and the computer crashed. It was obvious then that this guy had no clue what he was doing. He then re-installed Xp and the drivers and proceeded to tell Jarrod and Dad that he wanted Jarrod to buy a different computer that was $50 more expensive. Dad said "No Way! We want this computer working, that's what we paid for. What's wrong with this computer? We paid good money for this". David then said "I told your son over the phone about this computer. I'm not ripping you off." He tried to push them out of the house and said he had to make some phone calls so they had to wait in the car.

On return Jarrod wanted his money back, so Dad asked David to give him a refund and he would come back when he's saved up to get a better computer. Trying desperately to wriggle his way out nicely. David flat out refused and tried to throw them out of the house. Dad who was very upset about this pleaded saying "My son brought this computer with his own pocket money, he had to save for weeks. It's not fair to rip a kid off". Still he refused in his poor English saying "I sold you this, I didn't rip you off. I'm not a crinimal".

Jarrod and Dad came home miserable with $160 out of pocket and with a computer that doesn't run games and struggles to even surf the Internet. We are going to see what we can do by phoning the Trading Post and the Police but if all else fails we just would like him to get a bad reputation.

Overall this blog post is a warning to anyone who could deal with David and also a plee for attention. We want him to get what he deserves and want bad word to be spread. Please tell anyone you can and link them to this blog. Your help would be great.

Thanks :)
xoxo Sheray.


  1. Launch a Facebook campaign.


  3. I knew this was going to happen. Damn that guy - he gives the rest of the computer traders a bad name.

  4. u roc sheray, that bastard desearves everything thats comin 2 him and then some
    someone needs 2 give him a talkin 2

    bloody bastard

  5. that guy didnt even no what direct x was now come on he didnt even no much about computers he said he was going to sell me a better pc for 50 more buks but that couldnt even play oblivion forget it you stupid idiot leave computers and go get a life stop ripping off people you moron!!!!!!!!!

  6. Nawww thats so fucking shit! your poor brother! That's actually really sad. Hope he can get something happening with the pc.

  7. That sucks! There is always some dodgy seller on those auction sites. I feel sorry for your brother :( Usually I tend to stay away from trading post because unlike eBay it's buyer protection schemes aren't as reliable.


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