Dreamy 2011

Valerya by Amber Gray for Brides December 2010
(Fashion Gone Rouge)

Last post for 2010 as tomorrow I'll be off celebrating. I'm hoping 2011 will be a much better year for me, I feel as if I haven't achieved much in 2010, its been a rather nothing year which is sad. I've decided next year is time for change and action. I'm starting the year heading off to Sydney and I'll hopefully have a year full of adventures.

This post is pretty much a reflection of my outlook on 2011, dreamy and hopeful minus the blushing bride and the giraffe groom part. Fingers crossed for a great new year and I hope you all have a great NYE celebrations and a fantastic new year.

Love you all, thanks for being great followers.
See you in 2011.
xoxo Sheray.


  1. ohmygawd these pictures are incredible!
    :( i want to get married! xxx

  2. She looks like a princess I love it!

  3. this dresses are a dream! can't wait to get married only for the dress ahah:D


  4. i love the photos <3 like in wonderland ...


  5. hello there(: i just happened upon your blog and i too am an aspiring fashion/photography blogger like you(: these photos are absolutely inspiring and yes yes i do love every single one (including the giraffe groom lol) please let me know if you would ever consider or like to be featured on my blog i would love to do a post on your blog and let others know about all the lovely work you do! :)



  6. heyy thanks for the sweet comment(:

    im so glad and excited to hear that you're interested! i can't wait to get started! i was wondering if you could email me or leave me your email in a comment so i can contact you with a bit more information on the featuring(: i need to ask you a few questions regarding your blog. can't wait to hear from you(:


    - maebell!


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