Lipsmackers,Perfume and Cupcakes OH MY!

What keeps us going In our everyday life? I'd like to think it's inspiration and love of the little things. As I start to find my own personal style more and more I am influenced by the things not only around me but what I use in my day to day life, what picks me up and tells me the world isn't such a bad place. Novelty items and treats not only make me feel better but also influence my wardrobe. Do you feel the same way? Is there something little that can change your attitude towards the clothes you decide to wear in the morning?


  1. Your blog is awesome, and those cupcakes look yummy!

  2. i love all of the pastel girly colors here!

  3. Cute post x


  4. A really kick-ass post! Lipsmackers take me back. Watermelon remains my favourite of all time!

  5. i love the lipsmackers we bought. i think we need to go back and get the others!


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