Channeling Chanel

Lately I have seen a lot of complete nobodys wearing Chanel handbags, there must be a whole lot of fakes floating around. But It got me thinking about the real thing. Chanel handbags are the untimate symbol of style and class. There is something about a Chanel handbag that leaves the true fashion lover in awe. I'll admit I used to never be a big labels girl, but there is something about Chanel that fills me with happiness. Oh to be rich and famous...



  1. Wow, great post!
    Also.. we are obsessed with your blog!!
    Love, love, love it!!!


  2. I completely agree, for me Chanel is something you should work your arse off to get and once you get the bag you have been dreaming of for like a lifetime completely treat it like a baby lol.
    So it does annoy me when i see people like Katy Perry or the horrid Lindsay Lohan walking around with one,it seems as if its becoming more commercial rather than the once peice of luxury and dreams it was.I still adore them and still dream of owning one,but when a member of Girls aloud has one haha it rather annoys me.It has probably fell in to her lap.
    Sorry for this big post.

  3. TO THIS DAY, I still want Mischa Barton's Chanel bag! =)


  4. "The Strawberry Fields" I totally agree, it's something that needs to be worn with a bit of class. In these pictures it's obvious who does that and who doesn't :) No problem about the long post by the way, post as much as you like.

  5. we absolutely love chanel.. this collection of photographs is fabulous!

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