Festival Love

Yesterday (The 26th since I haven't slept) I attended Soundwave Music Festival. It was amazing I got to see a lot of my favorite bands all in one day. It was my first festival and my first time moshing and I loved it! The highlight of course was seeing AFI and moshing just meters away from the band. Davey wore an amazing gold blazer and black sequin chucks. :p LOVE!
The internal adrenallin still refuses to leave my body. So in celebration of my amazing day and my aching body I'm posting for the love of festivals.

Festival fashion oh so wrong or oh so right?... 


Tell me about your festival experiences.

For the love of festivals


  1. I really, really enjoyed it : ) Had an awesome time

  2. well one time i went to a music festival with amazing people and saw amazing bands and it blew my face off!!


  3. haha great plastic surgery job then! :P


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