Feathers Will Fly.

Lately I have been feeling the urge to start doing my own D.I.Y pieces at home. I'd love to make Skirts, Bleach tye dye my old denim jacket (which I need serious help with by the way), stud my clothes and shoes and make awesome headbands. Audrey does amazing headbands, I'd like to try to make my own similar to this, I just don't know where to begin. These are too amazing.... 

What do you think are these feathered, colourfull, creative headbands so wrong or so very right?

Love and Feathers



  1. we will dye your jacket!!!!
    those headbands are amazing... when you figure out how to make them can you tell me??


  2. I think we just have to buy a whole heap of feathers, flowers, jewels and other glitzy shit from spotlight one day.

  3. I definitely encourage any arty-craft stuff you want to do : ) I'd love to see how those studded boots will look

  4. those headbands are absolutely gorgeous. So right!!

  5. Studs kind of depend on the kind of studs you get to how they go on...

    For head bands look up places like mookychic.co.uk, craftster.org and cutoutandkeep.net. All of them have tutorials on the site under diy or crafts

    Umm yeah, I love to do this type of stuff. I have heaps of links and stuff ^_^ Craftster is by far my favorite of them.

    PS. It's addictive!


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