Talentless Stealer!

Someone has stolen one of my Artworks that I made a while ago and posted it up on Fanpop.
It makes me so mad! The image has been edited to cover up my website address and put another persons name at the top. It's disgusting. Some no good talentless bitch has tried to claim my work as their own.

As soon as I stumbled upon the site I signed myself in so I could leave a comment. Then I told Nat about it who helped me out by contacting Fanpop. Hopefully it will be down soon or my name be put back on it.

This is the link to the false picture.
And a screenshot incase it is gone when you get there.

And this is my original.


It can also be found at: http://xo-electric-beauty-xo.piczo.com/myblends?cr=5

Which is where it was stolen from.

It's so frustrating. But seriously it's like be original make your own work. Stealing someones work gets you nowhere.

Love and Real Talent


  1. It was I! zuahahaha!

    (No it wasn't, don't kill me.)
    But yeah, that's really horrible, I know how you feel Raybee :(
    Guess you should put (c) with your name and year with your work, so then at least you can copyright it legally :S

    Prettyful artwork btw :D

    Heart Pha

  2. I thought copyright was automatic in Australia.
    Well it is for music at least.
    The (c) just acts as a warning.


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