X-Files - Die John Doggett.

(warning potential spoilers)

Where do I even begin? I'm so annoyed with the X-files right now, I never thought I'd say that. Yes I knew about Gillian Anderson and David Duchovnys falling out and I knew it would get crap at some point. But I never wanted it to be like this!

Mulder has completely disappeared after his abduction in Season 7 and Instead of it being resolved straight away in Season 8 I have to wait 13 episodes to see him again. It seems Scully has lost all hope of ever finding him and has just simply given up, along with agent John Doggett who was assigned to find him. John Doggett has now been assigned to the X-Files and he and Scully are continuing without Mulder.

I am annoyed that Scully who previosly had so much passion and determination for finding Mulder would just simply give up. She was so close to finding him, but she gave up. On top of that she gave Doggett Mulders desk to use. Now everytime one of them walks into the office in the basement there is no joy and light hearted cracks that Mulder brought to the X-Files, Instead there is one ugly son of a bitch in his place.

I want THIS!


I've never been this angry at the X-Files EVER! I actually turned off "Roadrunners" because Mulders name wasn't in the starting credits. And during "Patience" I wanted Doggett to be drowned and eaten by the batman. Even through all this I know I can't stand to give up. I have to watch the X-Files even though It hurts to watch Doggett in Mulders place. I'm a die hard fan girl and The X-Files is my drug.

I miss Mulder! When he comes back I will squeal so loud. I can't wait for that day. I guess I just have to have "Patience" even though it taunts me so much, with it's flashlight jokes and Scully trying to act like her beloved Mulder. Through all this I guess I just have to wait.

(Die hard X-Files Fangirl)

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  1. I feel your pain. On SVU Mariska Hargitay left for maternity leave, so my beloved Olivia Benson had to leave too, and we got crappy Dani Beck in her place
    And on House, my favourite show, the original team left and we got stuck with crappy, one dimensional replacements
    Why can't TV learn?


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